Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond


Company founder since 1990, Mark has been Project Manager for 23 years having worked on large scale civil construction projects. He has provided the company with many years of experience and knowledge that has contributed to Hamcon Civil’s dedication and solid reputation for quality work.

Outside the company Mark’s hobbies include building, maintaining and driving rally cars, family and friends.

Deb Smith

Deb Smith


Deb has been a part of Hamcon Civil since 2008 bringing with her 8 years of experience within the legal and financial administration profession and is a registered JP.

Deb is responsible for the day to day running of Hamcon Civil, all administration duties including accounts, compliance regulations, gravel enquiries and all tendering information, etc. Her committment and dedication to the company is a major attribute.

Outside the business Deb loves water skiing, camping and spending quality time with family and friends.

Nathan Wood

Nathan Wood


Nathan has been with Hamcon Civil since October 2012, and has bought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having owned his own business in Sydney as a landscaper he has a brilliant understanding of subdivision constructions and road works. Nathan is committed to servicing the Civil Construction Industry using perfection and precision on every job.

Outside the company Nathan has an interest in show jumping horses, and his beautiful wife.

Brian Fanning

Brian Fanning


Brian Has been a part of Hamcon Civil since 2008. Brian is our float driver as well as the having the responsibility of our rigid trucks. Brian’s expertise and knowledge has provided the company with high quality float work in and around the Orange community and accredited float movements with the RMS.

Brian’s interest outside the company are working on his property and spending time with family.

Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson


Chris is our experienced hands on Fleet and Plant Manager. Chris maintains all our machinery ensuring all plant is fully serviced and reliable therefore limiting breakdowns so as not to impact on our project completions. Chris ensures that we have an excellent safety record and all our machinery is audited annually by the RMS for Safety Compliance.

Outside the company Chris’ interests include quality time with family.

Brian Penson


Brian has worked with Hamcon Civil for approx. 7 years having a great knowledge of the construction trade. He is a final trim operator, pipe layer, road construction etc.

Brian took leave for 2 years from 2011 to 2013 to travel overseas. He has returned to Hamcon to take on his role as supervisor as well as delivering his high level of knowledge and skill to our future projects.

Brian’s interests include sport activities , friends and family.

Anthony Hammond

Anthony Hammond


Anthony was employed as a Trainee and has now completed his Cert III in Civil Construction. Anthony has been trained and is competent in all aspects of the construction industry including plant operation, pipe laying, concreting and basic labouring.

Anthony’s hobbies include water skiing, rally driving and hanging with friends and family.

Angus Schneider


Angus is in charge of the daily operations of the quarry. He mixes all gravels for different projects and loads the trucks. Angus maintains a very safe, practical environment. He is also a very experienced plant operator having been employed with Hamcon Civil for 14 years.

Angus enjoys free time outside of the business.

Kiel Swadling

Aaron McKenzie

Mitchell Harvey


Mitchell has joined the Hamcon Team adding to the Company his knowledge, and Experience in Plant Operation. His commitment and hard work has been exceptional with project deadlines. Mitchell has proved himself to be a very valuable employee

Rod Campbell

Jeremy Hardacre

Greg Stonham


Greg has joined the Hamcon Team showing his knowledge with Pipe Laying, Concreting, Storm Water, Sewerage, Truck Driving and minor plant operations.

Rob LeStrange