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Plant and Equipment

All Hamcon Civil machinery undergoes an annual safety and audit check through the RTA compliance system. Our machinery has great reliability, limiting breakdown times and impact on our work/project completion. Hamcon Civil machinery is well maintained in our new workshop and is managed with the outsourced support of specialist mechanics and associated trades.

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Hamcon Civil - Wet Hire


Wet Hire

Hamcon Civil has a fleet of construction machinery and operators for hire that are available for small and large projects alike.


Bald Hill Gravel

Hamcon Civil, Orange NSW provides gravel to RTA specifications from Bald Hill Quarry at Borenore, located on the Central West. Our gravel is available for purchase to the general public. Any Gravel Purchases or Quarry Enquiries including Quarry Related Complaints please call our Office on 02 5852 1800 all hours

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Hamcon Civil - Bald Hill Gravel Quarry
Hamcon Civil - water testing

Bald Hill Quarry

Water Analysis

Download the water analysis PDF files by clicking on the links below.